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Best mold removal and remediation services in Metro-Detroit


Our Services

Citron Mold Removers offers you the most thorough approach to all of your mold removal and remediation needs. We work with both commercial and residential properties. We serve  all of Metro-Detroit: Detroit, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, Macomb County and everyone in between. 

Free Estimates

Call, text, or email us for a free estimate of project costs. Project quotes may be based off of lab reports, pictures, and/or on site reviews of your space. We not only look at the mold, but the source of the mold. Our reports will look into what’s causing your mold growth and how to best permanently prevent it from coming back.

Affordable Pricing

We offer flexible packages with competitive rates in addition to discounts and payment plans. Please ask!

What to expect

First, we need to conduct an inspection or look at an inspection or testing report. After you receive our contract and we come to an agreement, a start date will be scheduled. Upon arrival, we will clean all surfaces of mold. Next, If removal is required, we will plastic off necessary areas. Finally, If debris is removed from your site, we will spray and clean a second time.

We are always masked for safety from spores and follow all safety and health precautions for each space.

Each situation is unique. We build the best plan of attack based on you and your needs for your space.

Mold removal and remediation are the two main approaches to fixing fungal issues. Mold removal involves the tearing out of elements that have been rotted by mold. Mold Remediation involves the sterilization of surfaces affected by mold. When removal is necessary, remediation needs to happen as well in order to resolve mold issues.

Mold permanently damages almost everything it grows on. The more severe the fungal growth is, the more it will be visually damaged. Surfaces that are severely damaged by mold may have to be removed, as remediation may not be good enough. However, when a surface is remediated, we can help rehabilitate the appearance.

Mold inspections involve an experienced worker appraising the situation visually to make an estimate of the extent of the problem as well as the costs to fix. Mold testing involves taking samples from the site and sending the samples to a laboratory for testing.

Our Products

We leave your space clean and citrusy fresh!

Our products are especially formulated to kill mold, not just cover it up. Our cleaners melt mold off of many surfaces and kill most of the spores in the air.

Our specialty is solutions that are non-toxic for humans and pets. Most mold solutions are poisonous and can potentially cause severe health problems. Citron Mold Removers specializes in mold remediation techniques that are highly unlikely to harm you or your loved ones, including the furry ones. Our solutions can potentially be harmful to non-mammals, especially arthropods. Good if you want to keep spiders away, not so good if you have an exotic insect collection!