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About Mold

Not all mold problems require professional mold removal expertise. Some molds are weak enough that homeowners can take care of the problem themselves. The most common at-home cleaner used for mold cleaning is bleach. Despite being great at killing bacteria, we advise against using bleach to kill mold.



The most common chemical recommended for home owners to kill mold themselves is bleach. Bleach is Hydrochloric Acid (H-Cl). Because it is an acid, bleach is only a temporary solution for killing mold.

Fungi Biology

Fungi share many biological characteristics with animals. An important shared characteristic is that both kingdoms of life are almost always heterotrophic, meaning they have to get their food and nutrients from their environment through digestion. Fungi don’t photosynthesize the same way plants do, but fungi do digest food both similarly and differently from animals. Both Fungi and animals use acid to digest food. However, animals have internal digestion, whereas fungi have external digestion.

 This means that most types of mold are often covered in acid already. This is part of how mold eats away at and damages porous surfaces like wood.

 Since Fungi are acidic in nature, especially on their outside, acids are generally not effective at killing them. This means that Bleach (Hydrochloric Acid) is barely effective at treating mold problems. Because of this, non-acid based cleaners tend to be more effective.

Decorative Architectural Products (Mildew Inhibiting Paints and Primers )

 Many products heavily imply that they are strong mold removal tools to potential customers. Paint or primer of any brand or variety could potentially help remediate mold or mildew.

 However, serious mold problems will not be seriously inhibited by paint or primer, and will simply grow through it. (Yes, even that brand with kill in its name!)

 A serious mold problem will at best be temporarily covered by decorative architectural products.



Make sure you always wear appropriate safety gear when attempting to treat mold. Goggles, respirator, and gloves are all highly necessary for your safety.

Contact Us about our Services if store bought chemicals aren’t working, if  you aren’t feeling the risk, or if you simply don’t have the time to handle it by yourself. We’ll have your problem solved in hardly any time at all!  Trust in professional, quality, caring mold remediation.